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Rainbow of Hope

Imagine the future of a country in which 1 out of every 21 of its inhabitants is an orphan. This is the situation in Russia where recently the Russian media reported that there is an estimated orphan population of two million and another four million street children. And sadly, the reality is probably even worse than what is reported. But it’s hard to get concrete statistics because definitions vary widely on what a street child or an orphan really is.

We know that nearly 70 percent of children in Russian orphanages are not traditional orphans, meaning these "orphans" often have family members, but for one reason or another, they are not able to properly care for their children. The family then voluntarily surrenders them to the government, and they are placed in orphanages and referred to as social orphans. Other children have been removed from their homes by the State and put into the orphanages because of abuse situations.

In most cases at the age of 16, children are released from the orphanage system to fend for themselves. Statistics estimate that some 80 percent of the girls go into prostitution, and 85 percent of the boys get involved in crime and drugs. Many even commit suicide. And sadly, theoffspring of these orphans follow the cycle of their parents, and the circle continues.

My heart breaks when I read these statistics. I’ve often asked myself, "How can my Russian brothers and sisters and I help them break out of this vicious cycle? What can we do to help these forgotten, precious ones?"

This past year, when a friend asked me what my ministry passion was, I quickly realised it was to bring God’s Truth to children - they will beour next generation and the church’s future. The Lord then gently revealed a new ministry He wanted me to begin, working with orphans in Russia –which is now this new work, Rainbow of Hope.

Rainbow of Hope is a ministry bringing His hope, His love, His compassion and His promises to Russia’s children. My Russian team and I currently work with 85 children and 12 teachers weekly. Our first objective has been to build relationships with the local, established orphanages by visiting each week and offering craft classes. We hope to gain the trust of the staff and the children through our dedication and consistency.

We are seeking the Lord’s wisdom in how to help transition and positively integrate into society,the children that are released from the orphanages at age 16 rather than leaving them to fend for themselves - sometimes on the streets. Please pray that God would show us clearly how we as a church family are to help meet their needs.

Every person has the responsibility of sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ, and being His hands and feet in a suffering world, and also showing love, compassion and mercy. These children need hope; they needlove and care; and they need to know they have a Heavenly Father who adores them.

How to Get Involved 

Spiritual adoption program – this involves choosing a child and committing to pray for him/herevery day. We will send you a photo card of your child with specificprayer requests.

Send craft materials and supplies to Rainbow of Hopein Russia. Finding supplies for more than 97 children every week is noteasy in Russia. We have a complete list of our most urgent needs.



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